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At the heart of The Fix-It Friends is the idea that if they work together, kids have the strength and smarts to tackle the challenges they encounter. All that’s missing are the specific tools to get the job done. Through hilarious hi-jinx and plenty of trial-and-error, Veronica and her friends stumble upon these tools, and by the end of each book, they’ve assembled a complete toolkit of strategies to handle the problem at hand — whether it’s worry, teasing, reading challenges, the death of a pet, attention troubles or friendship struggles.

In her highly interactive school visits, Nicole gives students a glimpse into her writing process, and helps them build these toolkits. Using the same humor and effervescence that infuses her books, Nicole, a professor of writing at NYU SPS, engages students on many levels. With a multimedia presentation that incorporates video and slides as well as role-playing and good, old-fashioned props, Nicole leaves students excited about reading and writing, empowered to help themselves and mobilized to help others.

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